Mes Vernis

 mes vernis





Catrice from dusk to dawnCatrice Wrapped around...



China glaze


China glaze 2030China Glaze Bahamian EscapeChina Glaze Cheek to CheekChina Glaze cherishChina Glaze coconut kissChina Glaze Heirloom OrganzaChina Glaze Jitterbug

China Glaze L8R G8RChina Glaze Lemon FizzChina Glaze Lubu HillsChina Glaze LunaChina Glaze Mr & MrsChina Glaze Re-fresh MintChina glaze rich&famous

China Glaze Sci-fiChina Glaze Second-Hand SilkChina Glaze SnowChina Glaze TempestChina Glaze ThunderbirdChina Glaze white-kwik-silvrchina glaze cowgirl up



Color Club


Color club jackie ohcolor club secret agentColorclub wild orchidcolor club ulterior motivecolor club alter egocolor club masquerading





Creative Turquoise Tint



L.A Colors


 LA Colors fiji purpleLa colors sky blue glitter



L.A  Girl

 LA Girl MilleniumLA girl dramatic


Collection Matte :


LA girl matte blackLA girl matte blue twillightL.A. Girl Matte lilacLA Girl matte plum





Milani breezyMilani cyberspaceMilani Hi-Res





Misa Date Nights to the twilghtmisa wishing on a starmisa dance fever



Models Own


Models Own Bluebelle&SinfullMidnightModels Own In the navyModels Own Purple rainModels Own Red n black





NYX Dreamy glitterNYX ink heartNYX moonwalkNYX Purple noirNYX roboticaNYX Royal purpleNYX secret

NYX Sweetest pinkNYX thunderNYX titanic





O.P.I Alpine snowO.P.I Black OnyxO.P.I DS CoronationO.P.I Give me mooreO.P.I Heart throbO.P.I I pink I love youO.P.I Lincoln Park at Midnight

OPI lucky lucky lavenderO.P.I Pink of heart 2009OPI russian navyO.P.I Suzy skis in PyrennéeO.P.I You don't know Jacques





Orly Basket CaseOrly cashmere cardiganOrly Mandalay rubyOrly snowconeOrly Sol Cabana